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Young blonde, and eager to fist fuck her own cunt…the perfect girlfriend?  Probably.  Over inside you can find 100000′s of hi res photos of the hottest babes, fingering and FIST fucking themselves like the dirty little whores they truly are :)

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These lesbians are horny as hell, and aching to give each other a memorable orgasm…fisting is th eobvious solution :)  Wrist deep fisting is not for everyone, but these girls adore the deep penetration it gives them…

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These 18 year old lesbians must be either very adventurous or mega horny – takes a brave girl to try wrist deep anal fisting! These girls show no fear at all as they thrust their entire clenched fist up each others anus…

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How much can a lesbians asshole stretch!? The young lesbian in these videos intends to find out, the only way she knows how…by ramming her clenched fist inside her girlfriends virgin anus. The young whores ass won’t ever be the same again after this onslaught!

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Blue Angel is a young blonde pornstar who will do anything in her search for ultimate orgasm :) In these videos Blue is home alone, and feeling very horny – her fingers or a large thick dildo will not be enough to satisfy her…so she fist fucks her cunt! Deep and hard she stretches that tight hole – wrist deep fisting is what this horny young slut needs :)

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Every girl remembers her ‘first time’ and these cute 18 year old college girl lesbians will CERTAINLY remember the first time they tried anal fisting…

They have always adored anal sex – fingering, licking – anal sex is ALWAYS a big pat of their sex life :)  Yet anal fisting is something that many lesbian girls will never try, it is almost taboo.  Maybe they are just scared that it might hurt to have a clenched fist buried deep in here sphincter…and indeed if it’s not done properly it will hurry like a mother fucker – but these skilled young sluts know to ease their fist in slowly at first, and only when the anus is stretched and ready will they start plunging there fist hard and fast inside…these little bitches are natural born fisters :)

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19 year old blonde Avril, has always enjoyed locking herself in her bedroom and masturbating for hours on end.  Today she is feeling especially horny, so as well as her usual fingers and dildo – she is going to use her own FIST for satisfaction.

She lays back and spreads her legs, her fingers always feel good in her juicy pussy hole – then she reaches for her sex toys…as good as they feel they will not be enough to satisfy her today – she needs to feel her cunt totally penetrated and stretched - she will have to fist fuck herself wrist deep :)

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Sasha & Milena may have only been together a few weeks but their sex life just keeps on getting wilder & more extreme every day…today they discovered the kinky world of brutal anal fisting :)

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There is something so fucking erotic about watching barely legal lesbian girls fist fucking each others holes…lesbians just don’t get any cuter than this couple – Cindy and Barbie…

The girls start off with some sensual foreplay…pussy eating and fingering, but they know they will need to fist fuck each other to feel truly satisfied…the blonde girl goes first…she squats above her girlfriend and rests her cunt on her clenched fist….it will take some force to full penetrate her pussy, wrist deep..but they are both so horny nothing is going to stop them :)

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